My office is situated directly off the railway station, inside the building “Ring am Bahnhof”.

Arriving by car, you may use the parkings “Ring am Bahnhof”, “Gleis 0” – selecting in both cases Güterstrasse as destination in your navigation device – or the railway station’s public parking (Bahnhofparking). Furthermore, there are the parking spaces along the Kasernenstrasse and the Laurenzenvorstadt and the public parkings Kasernenparking and Kasinoparking.

Consultations on appointment.

Dr. iur. Lorenz Strebel
attorney-at-law and notary
Bahnhofstrasse 86
5001 Aarau

Telephone: +41 (0)62 832 55 55
Telefax:        +41 (0)62 832 55 50


Please consider that confidentiality is not guaranteed when using email, and no mandate is being concluded by just sending me an email. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that your email is taken notice of at all times; therefore if necessary please verify the receipt by phone.