Preferred fields of law

notarial services: agricultural law: construction law:
contract of purchase rural land rights public construction law
contract on easement agricultural lease
pledge agreement (mortgage certificate) law on direct payments
building right
marriage contract
will, contract of succession
advance care directive furthermore:
establishment of a company property law
capital increase legal opinions
notarisation judge | third arbitrator

Publications | Presentations

Publications (German – PDF)

Presentations (German – PDF)

Legal fee and fees on notarial services

Generally, my hourly fee as an attorney is between CHF 280.00 and 350.00 plus expenses and VAT, depending on the kind of mandate.

The compensation for notarial services is governed by the state notarial tariff. As far as this provides for an indemnity according to expenditure of time, my hourly charge is between CHF 280.00 and 300.00 plus expenses and VAT.

See for details notarial fee (English – PDF)

Assistance to the establishment of foreign companies

In cooperation with other specialists such as fiduciaries, tax consultants, relocation service providers and the state-run Aargau Services Economic Promotion (Aargau Services Standortförderung), I accompany foreign companies in establishing a Swiss subsidiary or a branch office by providing the notarial deeds, articles of incorporation etc.

日本企業向け スイス支社・子会社設立のご案内

外国企業、特に日本企業のスイスでの支社または子会社設立に同伴し、スイスの法律に基づいた法律相談はもちろん、最終的な会社設立に関する公的証明書の発行、社員の在住許可、居住地の手配に至るまで、スムーズな会社設立に貢献いたします。企業仲介者、税理士、またアールガウ・サービス(Aargau Services Economic Promotion / Aargau Services Standortförderung)のような公的行政機関とともに、あなたの会社に最適な場所を選定できるように精一杯、尽力させていただきます。



Business location Aargau, Switzerland (Japanese-日本語) (PDF)